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NYDL New Captain/Player Guide


Please note, the following is an incomplete summary of the NYDL Rules and does not cover every rule, or every scenario. Captains and players are encouraged to read through the full league rules.

Team Roster

Teams can have rosters of between 4-9 players. Only valid players on your roster can play in a league match.


To add a player to the team roster, captains/co-captains should email the league at Put ‘Roster change’ in the subject. Include the team name, and the name of the player being added/dropped. Do not play a requested player until you have received confirmation from the league that they have been added to your roster.

Schedule changes


Matches can be postponed or played early.


A match may be postponed and rescheduled by mutual consent of both captains prior to the match. Email the opposition captain and CC the League requesting a change.


It is the responsibility of the team that requested the postponement to ensure that the match is played.

How many players are needed for a match?

4+ players are needed for all match games to be played, but matches can be played with as few as 2 players. If a team is unable to field 4+ players in a match, and are unable to reschedule the match, they must play with the players they have available. FORFEITS/NO-SHOWS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! 

Playing with 2/3 players

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