Fall 2018 NYDL Captains Meeting

Saturday, November 17th

Flannery’s Bar (after conclusion of B tournament)




  1. Topic for Discussion:


As the league did with Monday league, we are proposing a similar re-organization of Tuesday B and C divisions with an eye on moving the top-performing teams in C division up to a newly formed B sub-division. This would, if current registration holds, mean a 3 sub-division C Division (rather than 4) and an expanded B division into 2 sub-divisions, allowing for a normal playoff between them.


The league is interested in input and feedback from the captains on this. We feel that it would make both B and C more competitive divisions for all teams.

   2. Possible New Rule Regarding Canadian Matches:


Earlier this season, a situation arose that we haven’t seen before and one that is not covered in the current rules. The situation: A team is playing short with only 3 players. They decide they don’t want to actually play the cricket Canadian (1 vs. 2 players) game, preferring to concede those points and move on to play double 501, which they will play Canadian.

Questions:  Does the Canadian team need to list a player’s name in the Canadian cricket slot or should they be allowed to leave it blank?



  1. They should be allowed to leave the slot blank; if they want to concede points, they should be allowed to do so. The players on the other team still receive their weekly average cricket all-star points for the forfeit.

  2. They should be made to list the player’s name and that player would take the losses in the player stats even if the games are not played; opponents still receive weekly average all-star points.

  3. If the Canadian team is allowed to leave the slot blank, should that player be ineligible to play in doubles 501 (or, alternately, should the Canadian team also forfeit the doubles 501 matches if they decide to concede the cricket matches)?