April 22, 2020

*** NYDL STATEMENT ON COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ***

*** NYDL Spring 2020 Season Cancelled ***


As has become obvious, New York City bars and restaurants will not fully open for some weeks, if not a month or more, and will likely have occupancy restrictions when they do reopen. Which makes it impossible for us to try to play even a partial Spring season.


We hope everyone is still keeping safe and healthy and managing to play or practice as you can. We'll keep our hopes up for playing in the Fall, and we'll be back with news for Fall 2020 registration in a month or so.

March 16, 2020

NYDL Spring 2020 Season Suspended

As we've all watched the coronavirus spread accelerate, cases of COVID-19 rise in New York City and the region, and now that the city has ordered all bars and restaurants closed, continuing the dart season has become untenable.

Therefore, we are suspending the NYDL Spring 2020 season until further notice.

League management is planning possibilities of resuming the season once it becomes possible, which could still result in a full or a shortened season, depending on how the situation unfolds.

We will be back with further notices as the pandemic situation develops and clarifies. In the meantime, and more importantly, stay safe, healthy, support each other, keep practicing as you can.

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