Looking to play darts in the NYDL?
Here's what you need to know:

The NYDL has divisions that play on Mondays against the other Monday teams, and divisions that play Tuesdays against other Tuesday teams, so you can choose which day you prefer to play.


Each year has 2 seasons, Spring and Fall, which each run for approx 14 weeks plus playoffs.

Teams register with a host bar, registration dates will be announced in advance on our website and Facebook page.


Teams are required to register with a host bar and a minimum of 4 players.

What will it cost me?

Most bars sponsor the team fees for their home teams, making it free to play! Bars also generally give drink specials to their teams for home games.

What games are played?

NYDL League matches consist of Singles 501 (double out), Doubles Cricket, and Doubles 501 (double on + double out). The number of games played is based on your division, with higher divisions playing more games in a night.

Where are matches played?

In a season, each team is scheduled to play each other team in their division twice, once at home and once away. Your home games will be at the bar you register with, away games will depend on the other teams in your division.

Fall 2021 season has begun, Spring 2022 registration will open in February.
Looking for a team for next season?

If you are a player or team looking for a bar/team to add you for next season, you can contact league management to be placed on our player/bar finder or contact bars directly to see if they are looking for new teams.

For more information about the league, see the New York Dart League Rules