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Looking to play darts in the NYDL?
Here's what you need to know:

What do I need to get started?

NYDL accepts registrations of teams with 4-9 players.


The league holds a meet & greet event each season for anyone looking for a team.

Individual players can also join existing teams during an in-progress season.


Choose Monday or Tuesday nights.

Games start at 7:30 PM each week.

Fall season runs approx August - December

Spring season runs approx March - June

(playoffs follow each season for qualifying teams)

Fall 2023 season is in progress.


Choose your team's home bar at registration.

Half your games will be at 'home',

The other half will be 'away' at other NYDL bars around Manhattan.


NYDL teams play:

Singles 501 (double out)

Doubles Cricket

Doubles 501 (double start + double out)


Bars sponsor their home teams, making it free for players. Ask your bar about drink specials for home teams! Players are expected to provide their own darts.

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