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Monday Playoffs

Remember to check for updates in the DartConnect scoring app before every match.

A playoff win for a 1 legged match is 9 in C, 10 in B, 13 in A. 

In a 2 legged match: 17 in C, 19 in B, 25 in A.
The match ends once a team has reached this total.
Matches should be played following the standard scoresheet, meaning the away team starts the first match of each round (AHAH).

If the match ends with a tie score, the tie-break is a 1001 point, straight start/double finish game. Each team will use 4 players. If a team is "playing short" that night, no one throws twice in a round. For example, the short team would get three turns per round to the opponents full 4 turns. A flip of a coin will decide which team starts.

Allstar points aren't recorded, but high marks (171+, C5-6/R9, Canadian) are.

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