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New Bars

While the league can sometimes assist in finding teams for bars or players for teams, we don't directly set up teams or bars. Each season we register teams, not individual players.

Most of the teams in the league are "organically grown" from players who play in a host bar already, though occasionally an established team will be looking for a new host bar. The best way to do this is to have a permanent playing area available for your patrons to use and a supply of "bar darts" available for them to use (nearly all of the players in the league will have their own darts).

You can also join our lively Facebook group and post that you're looking for team/players; the Facebook page is usually a good way to get the word out.

Looking to build teams for next season?
Fall 2023 season is now underway.
How does your bar benefit from hosting NYDL teams?

Put people in your bar. Matches begin at 7:30 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays, and last 3-4 hours. Each team has 6 or 7 home games in a season (plus potential playoffs). An average of 9-12 players are present for a match. Teams must have between 4 and 9 players. 

Introduce your bar to new customers. Each home game will bring a new group of away players who might not be familiar with your bar.

Attract members of the dart community. Having teams in the league can bring attention and customers to your bar from around the dart community. The league holds various events throughout the year and while not every bar can host events each year, the league does attempt to give an opportunity to as many bars as possible. Additionally, NYDL bars are listed on our website. 

When are NYDL Seasons?

The NYDL runs 2 seasons per year. Each season runs for 14 weeks plus playoffs. The Fall season is generally from September-December, and the Spring season generally runs from March-June.

How many teams can a bar host?

For each qualifying dartboard, a bar could host a maximum of 4 teams. This would mean 2 Monday and 2 Tuesday teams, each of which would alternate playing home and away.

Costs of hosting a team:

Team fees. NYDL bars generally sponsor their home teams' team fees. Team fees are $350. This translates into approx. $50 for each match played at your bar.

Regulation setup. To qualify for league play the throwing space must be in accordance with league rules. A league representative can visit your bar to assist and advise you on setup. 

For more information about the league, how to join, and how to attract teams to your bar, contact us at
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