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NYDL New Captain/Player Guide


Please note, the following is an incomplete summary of the NYDL Rules and does not cover every rule, or every scenario. Captains and players are encouraged to read through the full league rules.



The home team is responsible for supplying the scorekeeper. The scorekeeper must be a member of a NYDL team or a league official.

Scorekeeper Rules

1: Do not talk while keeping score


2: Do not move about while keeping score, remain still


3: Do not look at the shooter, face the board


4: Do not call out a score, of one dart or all three, unless asked by the shooter


5: Do not tell a shooter what to shoot or what combination to shoot for an out


6: Do not change a score unless it is brought to the attention of both shooters (teams)


7: Do not change a player’s score if that player (or their teammate) has shot again and a second score written down. An error in a shooter's score stands unless it is corrected before they (or their teammate) shoots again

8: Do not lean out to see where a dart is. Do not follow the darts with body or head movements

9: Do not show any sign of disgust, excitement or favoritism while at the scoreboard

10: Do not change the side of the scoreboard for a player’s (team’s) score in a multi-leg match; if a players’ score is kept on the left side of the scoreboard for the first leg, it should continue to be kept on the left for additional legs

Recording All-star points


The following throws are considered 'all-star points' in the C Division (each division has different minimum levels for all-stars, for other divisions, see NYDL Rules)


Throws: 95+

Double-out: 95+

Double-on (in 501 doubles only): 95+

Write points as hit. If 100+ you can write either the number hit or as follows: 124 Hit... 124 or 2T4

High-out finish, write the points hit followed by '-f' for example, ' 124-f ' 

High-on start, write the points hit followed by '-s' for example, ' 124-s ' 

If a player busts his score, the score for that turn does not count towards the game and it does not count towards all star points. (For example, with 80 remaining a player hits a double 20 and a triple 20 – no all star points are scored because the total of 100 points busted the score and the turn does not count.)


Rounds (any scoring hit counts as 1): 5+

Write R and the # of hits: For example R6 for 6 hits

Corks (each bull hit counts as 1): 3+

Write C and the # of hits: For example C4 for 4 hits

Rounds or corks only count if they are included in the scoring.

For example, if an opponent has 16's closed, and the player already has two 16's then throws a triple 16, it only counts as one 16 hit. 


Similarly, a double bull that is hit when a single bull would end the game only counts as one.

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