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NYDL New Captain/Player Guide


Please note, the following is an incomplete summary of the NYDL Rules and does not cover every rule, or every scenario. Captains and players are encouraged to read through the full league rules.

Filling out the Scoresheet

Before the match begins, the teams fill out the top portion of the scoresheet with the match-date, Monday/Tuesday, Subdivision, and the Home/Away team names and bars.

NYDL scoresheet C Top.jpg

Fold the scoresheet in half so that each team fills out ‘in the blind’ (not knowing the opponents’ lineup), and enter the 4 names of who will be playing in 501 Singles. Players on your roster may be played in any order.

Print Players' Full Names 



NYDL scoresheet C Home.jpg
NYDL scoresheet C Away.jpg

Clearly print players' full names. 

If players' names do not match the roster names, their games cannot be recorded 

The letter on the side of the page indicates which team starts. Here, Away player 1 starts. The player that loses the first game starts the 2nd, in this example, Away player 1. Each Win/Loss should be marked with a W/L in the players' respective boxes.

NYDL scoresheet C Singles.jpg

Home player 2 starts their 2nd game, having lost game 1.

NYDL scoresheet C Singles part 2.jpg

After all 8 of the 501 singles games are played, add up the wins for each side, and write each team's total points for the round.

Re-fold the sheet to fill in the 4 Cricket Doubles players. The player in the top box goes first for each team. Game start order works the same as in singles.

Guide Scoresheet Cricket.jpg

The order in game 1 would be Away1, Home1, Away2, Home2. Because Home won game 1, away starts again in game 2 (A1,H1,A2,H2).

Game 3 is H start, so H3,A3,H4,A4 is the order, but H won game 3 so A starts the next game (A3,H3,A4,H4)

Are you the Away team here? Don't give up! League standings are based on total points before W/L, so every point counts!!

Repeat for the four 501 Doubles players. Remember that 501 Doubles is 'Double-start, Double-finish' so each team can only score points once they've hit a double. More info in Scoring

Once all the matches have been played, add up the total points for each team for the night and enter here:

Then each captain (or co-captain) signs at the bottom

Guide Scoresheet 501D.jpg
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