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NYDL New Captain/Player Guide


Please note, the following is an incomplete summary of the NYDL Rules and does not cover every rule, or every scenario. Captains and players are encouraged to read through the full league rules.

Playing with 2-3 players

501 Singles:

The players who are available may be entered in any of the 4 available slots, the remaining singles slots are forfeit wins for the opposing player.


Cricket & 501 Doubles:


With 3 Players: 2 of the 3 players play as normal. The 3rd player is written on the sheet alone in their match and plays 'Canadian', or 2 vs 1. When the Canadian player throws, they do not go again until BOTH opponents have thrown.

With 2 Players: The 2 players play together as normal. The other game is a forfeit.

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